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Shiraz Wine Guide

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2009 Coat Syrah
Sonoma County

Save $6 - $31.99

The 2009 Syrah (from barrel) emerges from the glass with layers of silky dark red fruit, flowers, mint and minerals.


2008 Syrah/Shiraz
Sonoma County

Save - $36.99

Beautiful to drink now, one of the most rewardingly plush Syrahs on the market. If only more Syrahs were this delicious.


Shiraz (Syrah) Wines 

Shiraz currently accounts for one-fifth of all wine grape production in Australia and is one of the most widely harvested grapes in the country. Though the intense popularity of the rival red Cabernet Sauvignon has accounted for the secondary status of Shiraz in the minds of wine consumers in recent years, many vintners are beginning to revitalizing their Shiraz with new styles and methods of aging.

The Shiraz wine grape has an interesting history and place in the contemporary wine world as well. Generally described as “New World” wines, these wines are generally thought to be more fruity in their predominate flavors in opposition to the “Old World” wines which are often labeled Syrah. Because both variations of wine are derived from the same grape genetically, the differences between them are minimal to say the least. Some wine purveyors even maintain that the distinction between Shiraz and Syrah is in relation to style preferences only.

However, South Africa, Canada, and Australia are three of primary growing regions which refer to this varietal of wine as Shiraz rather than Syrah. These regions keep with the trend of identifying their exports with the New World wine classification of Shiraz which identifies it as a lighter and more aggressively fruity style of wine.

The Shiraz grape is commonly used in the production of red table wines which characteristically age well. Shiraz often reaches its prime complexity of flavor after approximately ten to fifteen years of aging; however it can easily be consumed much earlier in its aging process without sacrificing its excellent taste. It is also commonly used as a blending wine, although this occurs primarily in Spanish regions.

Shiraz wines are characteristically quite full-bodied and flavors vary easily depending on the physical characteristics of the wine region of its production. Some of the flavors most commonly attributed to Shiraz wines are: blackberry, chocolate, black pepper, plums, and spices. Shiraz also has soft tannins and varying degrees of oak flavors. They flourish especially in the wine regions of Australia with cooler, dry climates which allow for the berry finishes. Other Shiraz wine grapes grown in warmer climates tend to encompass the more mellow plum flavors.

Despite its frequent New World wine associations, Shiraz is one of the oldest known wine grape varietals. In fact, it is named for the city of the same name in Iran where wine-making may have originated many thousands of years ago.


2010 Syrah
Central Coast

Save $1 - $18.99

A light, bright, strawberry-scented syrah, this has a fresh, open feel to its red fruit flavor. Bob Lindquist makes some of the most consistently fine syrah in California.


Midnight Oil
2007 Syrah
Central Coast

Save $4 - $19.99

The cool weatherof Monterey Bay provides the foundation for its complex nature. Deep red and purple with classic aromas of white pepper and bacon alongside spicy cinnamon and dark berry fruit.




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